t    i    m    e    l    i    n    e

I am an Artist.

I have always loved the ocean. It's so relaxing to watch and listen to the waves. It's just so variable, and so endless. The oceans connect the world together, a floating world full of life.

Ynja Mist, Solo exhibition Warming 2017

EnvironmentAL issues

Ynja's creations are driven by the nature. She uses the power of art to raise awareness for environmental issues and the impact of the daily life of human beings.

Plastic oceans

The ocean is very noticeable in Ynja's work. Her focus has often been fixed on plastic pollution in the ocean, and to open peoples eyes for this huge problem that tends to be overseen by many.

The consumerism of modern societies is also a major concern to Ynja. She questions the way we use materials, and emphasizes respect for natural resources.


F    o    c    u    s