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Ocean of the world is my final project in the visual arts field at FG. My project consists of 25 small watercolor paintings, 18x26 cm. and three large oil paintings, 100x80 cm. The subject is the ocean, as you can see in the title. In most of the watercolor paintings, the subject isn´t that obvious, but thats the way I wanted it to be. These watercolor paintings reflect the beauty of the ocean. The colors, movements, and shapes all contribute to the variation of the enormous pool of salt water which is the ocean. The oil paintings also reflect the beauty of the ocean in themseves, but the moral is directed to the sins of mankind towards our planet. The reason I only refer to one "ocean" is because I want to convey to my audience that the ocean is one whole body of water.

© 2015 by Ynja. Young Icelandic artist.

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