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English version: Oslo - Bangkok = 11 Hours

Sunna and I got to Oslo yesterday and we spent one night at an airport hotel. We took the flight with SAS because they offer special cheap tickets for young travellers called youth tickets (under 25 years). We are now at the airport in Oslo waiting for our flight to Bangkok that takes approximately eleven hours. We will depart at 02:25 pm and arrive in Bangkok September 1st at 06:55 am. My phone is dead so I cannot put a picture of us at the airport like I wanted to, so I will just put this old pic of us when we were cute instead.

I need to show you the hostel that we will stay at in Bangkok, its so beautiful! There is a coffee place in the reception


And the bedrooms are so beautiful and simple

The bathrooms are also special

After two nights at this hostel we will take the flight straight to Hanoi, the capital city in Vietnam. This will be our last flight in a while because we are going to use motorcycles, bikes, busses and boats for the next month or so. Or just whatever comes to our mind on our way across Vietnam. Until next time!



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