• Ynja Mist Aradóttir

English version: Bangkok

Bangkok greeted us with sun between the clouds, but not rain as we had prepared for. The air was heavy, really humid and hot. The hostel couldn't have been any better, but I can not say the same about our taxi ride from the airport. There were no seatbelts in the car and the driver drove fast while going around and between other cars. Inside the city we mostly took rides with small open cars called tuctucs to go from A to B. These two photos were taken inside a tuctuc.

We saw two shopping malls, one of them was more like a huge market (7 floors). There was an endless amount of small shops and probably most of the brands were fake. The other mall however was the absolute opposite, and it was just the next building. Beautifully structured and had fine designer brands (And you could obviously see that all the elegant rich people were there) But there I finally found what I was looking for, films for my camera. It was still a lot cheaper than in Iceland. We were getting a little tired of thai guys stopping us on the streets and talking poor english for a long time to us. They always said similar things that we didn't understand as a whole, but we picked up some words and then some sentences. They all told us something about seeing this and that a big buddha, black buddha, lucky buddha... They also all told us that we should only take tuctucs with yellow plates with green numbers and asked us if we had a map and pen to show us something. They also said something like "only today" "today is your lucky day". We just began to think that maybe this was some kind of a sale trix and we tried to ignore this. But then everything began to dawn on us, and we finally understood what this was all about. This actually was some special Buddha day and all the people that tried to talk to us were just trying to be helpful. The reason why they told us to take the tuctucs with yellow plates was because they are state-controlled and the state subsidized trips to see remarkable places related to buddhism this day. So we did that and our tuctuc driver drove us between places for hours. We literally felt like princesses with our own chauffeur this day. When this was over we had to pay only 5 baht per person wich is like 0.14 usd. We wanted to give him a little bit more for everything he had done so we did. We took this glasses-selfie with this buddha that also had glasses on, while our driver just waited in the tuctuc and told us to take our time.

Then we saw the Big Buddha that was surrounded by beautiful temples. Right next to that we saw this horrible set up where they had trambled small wild birds into small cages to make people pay for letting them out. Sunna wanted to buy them all and let them free, but that wouldn't make a difference because they would just take new birds. (You can't see it that well on the picture but there were like 5 birds in one cage and all of them were going crazy)

These temples were everywhere in Bangkok and always in the same style and colors. You need to take of your shoes before entering and sometimes people just go there to sit on the floor and eat.

The accuracy is incredible in the decorations, mostly made out of small rhinestones and mosaik

I didn't take many pictures for the first days because I didn't have a phone charger, there will be more pics next time. I just wish I could show you my film photos, but it will be fun to see them later. Stress at the airport We booked our flight to Hanoi the day before departure (o9.03) with Jetstar pacific. We were a little bit late leaving the city, but expected the same kind of taxi ride as the previous. But no, this driver drove slower than all the other cars and kept his distance from the next car. We were getting pretty worried about missing the flight and the driver knew it. When we finally arrived to the airport an hour before departure we ran up to the check in desk and fortunately got our tickets because the people that came literally 2 minutes later were denied their tickets. We were so happy and thought that we were pretty safe now. We went through the security in a hurry and then there was a long line for passport checking. Our struggle was not over because when it was our turn we hadn't written all the information for some paper that confirms that you're leaving Thailand. Yes, we had to do that and get back in line. At that point there were 7 minutes until our gate closed, so our only chance to make it was to ask if we could go in front of the line. So we did, and luckily the people in the front were nice and let us go first. We then ran to the departure screen and saw that our gate was in the other end of the building, and that it takes 9-11 minutes to get there... So the only thing that we could to was to run. We ran wearing flipflops with our huge backpacks on and holding more stuff in our hands (This was seriously one of the top 10 hardest things I have ever done) But on the actual last minute we got there! Sat down in the airplane sweaty but happy. After spending 11 hours flying from Oslo to Bangkok those 2 hours went by so fast, and we were in Vietnam. My next blog will be from Hanoi!



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