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Hanoi - The city and our hostel

09.03.16 - When we arrived to Hanoi, we went straight up to a tourist information desk to check if they had any recommendations for hostels downtown. They showed us a map and pointed at a street in the "old quarter" where we could find some hostels. When we asked them where the taxi stop was, they told us that we should rather go with them, because they were cheaper than taxi. I found it rather hard to believe that the taxi ride would be more than 25$ so I told them that we would just take a taxi. Than they lowered the price to 18$ and explained how they would be cheaper than the taxi. So we did end up going with them, and the driver walked us to the car. This jeep just looked like a private car, since it was not marked in any way. The driver did not speak any english so we could not speak to him. When we had been there for quite long time, we began to admit to each other that we were both starting to doubt this ride. Of course we began to think about the worst things that could happen, like what if the driver was kidnapping us, and what if he was going the wrong way... We were planning on how to run away when he finally stopped, and happily in front of a hostel named Downtown backpackers. But hey, don't they say "prepare for the worst"?! We got into the hostel and paid for two nights there to start with. The rooms were tidy and the staff spoke decent english. This hostel turned out to be a party place, but we try not to engage in that kind of nonsense. So we put our stuff in our room, got something to eat and went to bed. 09.04.16 - For the first day we did a walking tour with other hostel guests and this guy in the black led the group.

We went to the Hoan Kiem Lake in the center of the city, but it was looking a bit gray and blurry out that day.

The Huc bridge was really beautiful and the trees also.

In the backwound of this picute you can see the "turtle tower" witch is an old tower that stands on a tiny island in the lake. Nobody can go there, exept occationally an old turtle showed up there. Unfortunately the turtle, that was called "the great grandfather turtle", was declared dead January 19th this year. This turtle was one of four specimens of its kind known alive in the world, now there are only three.

After this walking tour, we wanted to get something to eat. We really wanted to try a "local" restaurant, where locals would eat but not tourists. We found a place and ordered spring rolls, and a rice dish with chicken or vegetables. That was the first time, and the last, that I order something with meat in it here. I got a plate with the toes of the chicken whole cooked with rice, no thanks im good.

Then we looked a little bit more around the town and took some photos here and there.

At the end of the day we decided to go for a little pampering. Sunna got a pedicure, and I got a facial treatment that ended with a thick rubber-ish mask. When we were back at the hostel, people there were already getting a little tipsy at the bar in the lobby. We were just going to walk through the crowd and go upstairs to bed. BUT this was what happened instead (translation above each snap): SHIT. I got a facial mask and after that Sunna and I went back to our hostel and then...

When I took the first step inside, Sunna looked at me and literally died of laughter, along with a bunch of other people too...

So basically I just stood there like Wtf what is it?!?!? While all these strangers laughed at me...

This turned out to be the reason why

For some reasons my face just became a reflector in the dark after this facial treatment. And for the record to get this of, one shower did not do. I can barely describe how unpleasant it is to stand and wait for someone in the room to take one breath from the laughter to tell me what the hell is wrong with me.



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